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Impressive property in stunning location

Impressive property in stunning location

12058 Santo Stefano Belbo CN, Italia



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400 Sq Ft


High up in the hillside overlooking both Canelli and Santo Stefano Belbo, the property is nestled in its own private park of app 1,5 hectares.

The property is completely renovated with great care for the authentic details of this historic property and comes complete with high quality furniture.

The habitation is divided over two floor and amounts to app. 400 sqm, not including the special feature of the marvellous tower from which the views breath-taking.

A winding private road leads you up to the property before you enter into the spacious southfacing courtyard framing the house.

The main entrance leads into a spacious hallway, from here you enter into the large authentic farmhouse kitchen complete with an open fireplace and exit out to the spacious terrace that runs all along the house.

This is the perfect place for shady summer lunches with friends and family.

A classical Lucerna-stairway leads up to the first floor.

Off the entrance there is also a downstairs laundry and a bathroom, then a dressing room, the “limonaia” and a spacious larder with a woodburning stove, to the left off the main building.

Further there is a dining hall with a lounge area with the pianoforte, from which you have access to the first floor.

Upstairs we enter into a hall with a majolica-stove, and from here you enter into the spacious and light “winter-kitchen” with a woodburning stove and the three bedrooms with two bathrooms.

Balconies runs on both sides with amazing views.

Obviously, a place like this also has the most wonderful winecellar – must be seen!

On ground and basement level there are several worksheds, utility rooms and garages.

Please ask us for the plans of the property in order to get a better idea of the layout – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to view the place to get a feeling for yourself!


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